Aspire to a culture that embraces social justice, equity and respect. 

Aspire Change

Aspire Change focuses on providing expert consultation to our clients to support their projects and initiatives with the goal of creating sustainable, effective, evidence based cultural change.

Our multi-disciplinary team have training and professional experience in primary prevention, gender equity, intersectional practice, project management, design, implementation and evaluation, in addition to mental health, transformative practice, community development and education. 

At Aspire Change we strive for a world that is safe, inclusive and respectful. We aim for equity of opportunity that values all contributions and amplifies the voice of populations that were previously silenced or forgotten. Our work in transformative gender and intersectional practice aims to create sustainable attitudinal, practice and cultural change for a better tomorrow. 

image of blocks building on each other saying identity, equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging.

We can provide consultation, support and guidance on: 

  • ​Preventing violence against women and their children 

  • Gender equity, audits, organisational development and initiatives

  • Mental health and trauma informed practice

  • Design and development of inclusive and rights based strategies

  • Intersectional transformative practice

  • Project establishment, recruitment and development

  • Project design, structuring and planning

  • Project evaluation co-design, logic models, tools, collation and reporting

  • Resource development and review

  • Tailored training, capacity building and professional development

  • Group consultation co-design, development, implementation and evaluation

  • Grant and proposal writing

  • Mediation and facilitation

  • Organisational strength-based cultural development

  • External supervision​

Business Meeting: a group of women and men in a meeting room.

We have utilised our expertise for a range of not for profit, peak body and educational initiatives in Victoria and achieved excellent results for our

partners and clients. Our passion is to support

organisations, projects and initiatives to

succeed in achieving their goals, transforming

practice and making a better world for everyone. 

We pride ourselves on our rights-based

intersectional equity approach that centres our 

consultation and support on authentic

engagement with key stakeholders and project


We have a history and passion for working

in educational, human, women's, disability, 

LGBTQI+ and mental health sectors, bringing an

intersectional perspective and collaborative approach to every aspect of the work. 

At Aspire Wellness and Psychology we are passionate about social justice, celebrating diversity and human rights. We provide inclusive, empathic, creative, trauma informed, evidence based services to support the wellbeing and psychological health of individuals and families.

Image of a compass. Image by Jen Theodore

We provide a range of psychology and counselling services to children, adolescents, adults and families in a welcoming, collaborative and non-judgmental environment. 


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