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At Aspire Change we strive for a world that is safe, inclusive and respectful. We aim for equity of opportunity that values all contributions and amplifies the voice of populations that were previously silenced or forgotten. Our work in transformative gender and intersectional practice aims to create sustainable attitudinal, practice and cultural change for a better tomorrow. 

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Bianca Evans - Aspire Change Consultant

Bianca Evans

Primary Prevention and Intersectionality Expert. Consultant, Counsellor, Trainer and Supervisor. 


Bianca is passionate about preventing violence against women and children, gender equity, inclusions and celebrating diversity. She is considered an expert in primary prevention and intersectionality. 


She has worked in the primary prevention sector as a gender and disability violence prevention manager, team leader, trainer, lived experience facilitator, advocate and agent of change. Recently she has been focused on improving the strategic position of women with disabilities in the violence prevention sector and conversely, violence prevention in the disability, social services, local government and education sectors. Her work has included strategically positioning women with disability in violence prevention, prevention of violence workforce development initiatives, co-design consultation team development, extensive intersectional prevention resource development and increasing cross sector collaboration and communication in disability and primary prevention.


In previous roles she has consulted on primary prevention and intersectional practice integration into a number of government, organisational policies and strategies to increase the rights and safety of all women. 

Bianca has spoken as an expert in intersectional prevention practice at a number of violence prevention, gender equity and intersectionality forums, networks, workshops, symposiums and conferences nationally and internationally. 

Bianca has previously been endorsed by Our watch as a Workplace Equality and Respect and violence prevention trainer. She has extensive professional development and experience in violence prevention, gender equity, intersectional practice, violence response, supervision and program management, design, implementation and evaluation. 

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Image of Nicles Bestel with a garden behind her

Niclés Bestel 

Consultant, Psychologist, and Clinical Psychology Registrar.


Niclés is a psychologist who has extensive experience working in a variety of counselling, community mental health and school wellbeing settings. 


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